Today I ran a race called Rondje Goutum. It is in the dutch town of Leeuwarden and is organized by A.V. Lionitas.

The sun was shining and the wind was 13km/h SSW. It was still a bit chilly, but according to the weather on Garmin Connect it still felt as 3 degrees Celsius. All in all a great day for a run.

Sadly, I had a cold for the entire week, which was also my scheduled rest week. So I had no idea how it would impact my running. Since I started training for the longer distances I have become very eager to bring down my PR. With my nose full of snot I started warming up. My wife was running in the same race, only for the distance of 5km. This was to be her first race and it was quite enjoyable to have her to do the warmup with.

I then proceeded to go to my starting area. The track was divided into multiple areas, each distance clearly marked. I turned on my new fancy Garmin Forerunner 620 and started a live tracking session. Paired with my iPhone my watch allows to broadcast my position to a selection of viewers (or via twitter to the world). This is actually better then the runkeeper version as it allows me to keep my day-to-day profile private (or just my friends) while I can share the live tracking of a race. The pairing is done via Bluetooth Smart.

When I started my activity, at the start shot was given for my distance, the people I shared my run with started to see my run on the Live Track Garmin site. The screenshot below shows the track as it was completed. As you see it not only shows the track I was running, but also a lot of statistics like pace, cadence and heart rate.

Rondje Goutum Live Track

The first 5 kilometers were going just fine, with times low in the 5 minutes. But then I got into a spot where I was running alone, nobody to see in front of me and behind me people trailing at a long distance (it was a small race! It had only 414 participants in total). The snotty nose meant I had difficulty breathing as I normally do and it started hitting me just about now. To make it worse, we turned into a headwind. My times started to climb into the 5:30s and I became very pessimistic if it would be at all possible to stay within the 54 minutes on the 10 kilometer.

While running I was checking my watch to see how far along I was. On my FR610 I had the distance in the bottom section of the screen and the default of the FR620 is to have it in the top section. A setting that is easily changed, but since I only ran with it once before, I had not done it. At about 7km I was looking at my watch and saw that I had only done about 5km, but due to this layout I was actually looking at the tempo instead of the distance. A silly mistake which made me feel like I had so much to run still. The next time I checked I saw my error and found that I was already past the 8km mark! This gave me a motivational boost that helped me speed up again to save my time.

The last 2km was all headwinds, but I still did it. I ended with a time of 53:36 (official time); a new personal record by 45 seconds! Given the circumstances I am quite anxious to see what my training means for me when I do not have a snotty nose :). My wife also did an awesome race, finishing with 33:27 on the 5km, also a personal best for her.

I am originally from the Leeuwarden area and my entire family still lives there as well. So having a local race also meant that my dad was able to come and make some photographs of the race. Some of his shots are below to get an impression. I am the one with number 701:

[soliloquy id="847"]

The organisation of the race was quite professional for a small race. The track and the accommodations were well taken care of and all I needed to worry about was running. Afterwards there were several free drinks and the starting packet even came with a voucher for free hot cocoa with whip cream.

The full results of the run are available on

My running week

As I already said, this week was my rest week, I did get to do one run before the rest days:

Tuesday, 6:30pm
I had a slow run, 30 minutes in heart rate zone 2. This left me with 4,55km at a pace of 6:36min/km. The really nice thing of this run was running with my new FR620! I upgraded my FR610 to a FR620 and it arrived today. Next week I will write about my experiences with it so far, for now lets just say it has been very good.